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Lebrecht Music & Arts??Photo Library
Lebrecht Music & Arts??Photo Library includes??Music Pictures at Lebrecht and Author Pictures at Lebrecht.?? It??is a specialist?? library for every kind of music and performing arts (classical,?? jazz, rock, pop, opera,??notation, scores, theatre, ballet)??and ??for literature and authors,??(book covers, handwritten drafts,??famous literary characters and events),??plus historical context with major political personalities (Bismarck, Queen Elizabeth I,??Hitler) and historical??events (WWI and WWII).?? Lebrecht's holistic approach is unique in picture libraries - we look at every aspect of a creator's??life: friends, lovers,??houses, travels,??cradles and graves. The format includes photographs, fine art, illustrations, manuscripts and scores. Lebrecht has a reputation for having unusual??images,??in addition to the coverage you would??expect from this kind of photo library.?? We have access to several million more images than??we have so far uploaded??online and will be happy to help you with your research with no extra charge.????Our sources for these extra images are??the private collections and photographers we represent plus overseas partners.
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