Imense image search is designed to let you specify in text what you would like in an image. Behind the scenes we have developed some exciting new technology that analyses both the query you type and the actual content of each image in our collection.
As we can search "inside" the picture, you can execute queries such as "group of 5", "beach sunset", "red dawn over the mountains", "green centre purple background" etc., and Imense will find relevant images that match your description, even where the pictures had not been appropriately keyworded by the photographer/agency.
At the same time, the Imense image search engine uses any annotation associated with an image in conjunction with our image classification software to provide richer image search. For example, Imense can recognise famous people's names so that a query for "Tiger Woods" results in images of the golf player, whereas a search for "tiger in the woods" looks primarily for pictures of a big, stripy cat.
Basic Search : You can perform basic searches using the default search box from the home page or at the top left of the screen.
Advanced Search : There are many advanced search options available to you by clicking on the advanced search button. Here you can utilise the drop down menus to further refine your search criteria to improve the accuracy of your search results.
Lightboxes : The lightbox options are on the left side of the search screen and will only be available when users are logged in. Simply click on the lightbox icon beneath the thumbnails in the search results, and the image will be added to the current/selected lightboxes.
Sharing Lightboxes : You can email lightboxes to other users by clicking on the "Email Lightbox" button and filling in the requisite information.
Annotating Lightboxes : When you click the "View Lightbox" button, you'll see space beside each image that can be annotated with your own notes. Simply type in your notes and click the "Save" button. Moving Images Between Lightboxes : You are able to move images between lightboxes. Click on the "View Lightbox" button and beneath each annotation field you'll see a "Move" button which will take you to a box enabling you to move the image to an alternative lightbox. Creating and Deleting Lightboxes : You can create additional lightboxes or remove unwanted lightboxes by clicking on the "New" and "Delete" buttons in the lightbox area.
Ordering Images : You can search and review all our affiliates images online at When you are logged in you can also order hi-res images which will be delivered to you by our affiliates who will also take care of the licensing. Simply click on the "Request Hi Res" button and fill in the simple form. Our affiliates will contact you with the download details for the hi-res image and to discuss usage fees, or simply email you the files. Alternatively, you can use the affiliates sites nested within the portal to order and purchase your image choice online.
Model Release and Property Release : Images hosted on the portal are a combination of many affiliate providers' collection. Some images will be model and property released and our search facility allows you to restrict your search accordingly. Simply use the check boxes beneath the search box
Contact : To contact a member of the Imense team, please use the contact page on the website and one of our team will respond promptly.
If you have any questions or comments, or if you find that our search will not allow you to express the image query you need answered, then please let us know at
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